Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Don't Give Up on Me, Allah! Give me a Chance

jangan sampai Allah murka
When people doing something wrong, Allah will always forgive them as long as they really want to back to the way of Allah which is Islam. but beware when you try to cheat or make fun of it, you thing Allah is doesn't know, you are wrong. Allah always know anything because Allah create everything in this universe with only "Kun fayakun" done, so it's done. as easy as you turn your hand back or forward, as peace of cake. for Allah is nothing impossible because Allah own this universe with everything inside of it and Allah never sleep. forgive me Allah, I'm the one who always make You disappoint but don't angry to me, because I don't have anything or anyone beside only You, Allah. give me a lot of chance to fix myself better and better, please Allah give me a chance and please don't give up on me. I Love Allah I Love Rasulullah because I'm a Muslim and this is the way I show that I love Allah and I Love Muhammad

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